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Layover Bali

After a long wedding season we decided to take a short time-out in Bali. As we were longing for a relaxed and quiet time we chose to stay in Lovina (in the north of Bali) and only spent the last two days in Canggu, which is well-known to all the surfers. Though it took us quite some time to reach the various places we had in mind from Lovina (due to the bad roads and traffic), we had some really awesome drivers who took really good care of us and we had some really fun day trips. Raining season was slowly starting, so we had some rain throughout our whole stay but that didn’t matter at all, because it was so hot and the rain actually was really refreshing :D

Bali really impressed us – not only with its beautiful sights such as the rice terraces but also with the nicest people.
So here are some of our snaps from our trip (some are even taken with the iPhone ;))

Once more we noticed that it is the unexpected moments that make life so interesting and teach you to make the best out of everything. Due to the ashes of the volcano Mt. Agung, the airport in Denpasar was closed for a couple of days. Instead of waiting for it to open again, we decided to find an alternative route to fly back as we had to be home for our niece’s birthday party, which we really didn’t want to miss. So we had a driver takes us all the way to Surabaya on the island of Java and from there we had a really adventurous amount of different flights which finally brought us back to Frankfurt. But we are happy and thankful, that we got to experience this roadtrip, as we were able to see more of indonesia than initially planned ^^ This last picture was taken on the ferry from Bali to Java.